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CBD products reviewed

We are guinea-pigging every cannabis product on the market, ranking it and telling you what we think. Our reviews are done by real people so you can get a firsthand account of what a product can or can’t do for you. 

Highlighting good vs sketchy brands

With the free-for-all that is legal weed right now, there are some players in the game that are doing everything right and some who’re going to want to steer clear from. We’ll let you know who’s who.

Stories about cannaworld

Did we think that cannabis-gone-legit was going to be a smooth process? Actually, we kind of did. And we were wrong. From sketchy dispensaries to celebrities cashing in on the hype, we are covering everything stemming from legalization.


We are motivated to provide accurate and up-to-date information on cannabis products. From extraction methods to terpenes, to dosing and weed from the future, we’ve got everything you need to know about this new era of cannabis consumption.

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