Milk Chocolate for the Medicine Cabinet

A Review of Grön’s CBD-Infused Chocolate Bars

November 17, 2019
We reviewed Gron CBD

Overview of Grön


Since cannabidiol (CBD) entered the mainstream several years ago, menageries of products have started popping up in grocery store aisles and fancy boutiques: sausages, beers, lube, bath bombs, croissants, inhalers – even mascara. As a person who is constantly managing anxiety, shelling out extra cash for CBD-infused eyelash goo seems…impractical. 

But one only has to do a brief Google search to see that CBD does have real potential. An article on Harvard Medical School’s website states, “There is moderate evidence that CBD can improve sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, and anxiety.”

I’m standing in line at a Walgreens when I spot a Newsweek cover on CBD. It’s clear that I need to form an opinion or risk being left out of topical small talk with co-workers and acquaintances. I seize this as an opportunity to eat chocolate I’ve frequently seen people purchasing at my local super market. 

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In an industrial outskirt of Portland, I visit Grön, a purveyor of luxury CBD products that specializes in handcrafted CBD chocolate. Its café and tasting room is a bohemian-lite-meets-modern-industrial oasis where visitors are invited to try any of the CBD-infused products including the tinctures and skin care products that it sells. The kind person operating the café even lets me peek behind a sliding barn door into a literal chocolate factory – it’s a bright and airy space where you can tell that the production is truly a labor of love. 

To uphold journalistic integrity, I sample every single kind of chocolate. Despite an array of sophisticated options, I’m a simpleton when it comes to sugar, so I select a milk chocolate and sea salt bar infused with 100mg of CBD. 

Now, I’m no nutritionist, but you probably shouldn’t try to meet all of your CBD needs through chocolate alone. However, speaking as a person who keeps “emergency chocolate” stashed in her home, Grön’s chocolate seems like the perfect self-care treat, especially if the CBD is as effective as everyone proclaims it to be.

The next day, I gingerly break off a piece – each square contains 10mg. About fifteen minutes later, I break off a second piece because, regardless of the CBD factor, the chocolate is damn good – the perfect harmony of salty and sweet.  

It takes me a while to notice any changes – that seems to be the tricky thing about CBD – its effects can be really subtle, like doing a session of yoga, or meditating in the morning. It’s easy to overlook those subtle differences, especially if you have a hard time tuning into signals from your body. However, about an hour after eating the second square, I notice that I’m feeling lighter, more centered, like someone has ever-so-slightly turned down the shock of static electricity pulsing through my nervous system.

Throughout the week I experiment with eating different amounts at different times. After eating three squares on an empty stomach one day, I notice that I feel quite drowsy in the evening, but I’m not sure whether it’s from the CBD or legitimate tiredness. However, I do notice pleasant, subtle effects every time I eat two or more squares. 

Overall, I’m surprised (and pleased) that something as simple as eating chocolate can make me feel so good. Since I inherited both my sweet tooth and my anxiety from my mom, I’m planning on buying her a bar, although personally, I think it’s necessary to revisit Grön’s tasting room to enjoy more treats before making any official statements – I’m willing to eat as much chocolate as it takes to make a well-informed opinion.

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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