Brand Cataloging

We want people to be able to find exactly the right products for them. Fred & Jane will become a platform to learn about and locate the brands and products that are the best fit for your needs.

Product reviews

We provide in-depth product reviews carried out by unbiased, regular people documenting their experience with THC and CBD product. Our reviews are never for sale.


We aim for all of our content to be rooted in thorough explanations of why cannabis products and their uses. We break down complex topics into easy-to-understand language for everybody.

What we value

We are guided by a handful of values which ultimately govern what we publish and who we help. Here’s what drives us.


Whether it’s the newest science  or a look at some of the economy’s bad apples, we want to enrich the cannabis conversation with a realistic look at of all of its parts.


Though it’s been around for decades, there continues to be a lot to learn about cannabis. As we begin to understand its chemistry, genetics and side-effects, we want to make sure our readers are getting the latest and greatest understanding of the product.


We want our company and content to exist outside the bubble and cherish any opportunity to incorporate diversity and fresh perspectives in our content.


New industry + new science + new legislation + decades of preconceptions. Without question, there is a lot of sketchy info out there, and we’re rounding it up and squeezing it out.


Always quick to raise an eyebrow, we want our readers to approach cannabis consumption in any form with a healthy dose of discernment.

Who we are

Fred & Jane is a small but mighty team of writers, researchers and illustrators from around the United States. Our ragtag crew is on the ground where the action is, working day and night to teach people what is happening in the canna-world.

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