Five of Our Favorite CBD Brands in the Southwest

February 23, 2020
CBD South West Guide by Fred & Jane

If you’re a fan of CBD, your life just got a lot more interesting. Thanks to a cool piece of legislation called the Farm Bill of 2018, a major piece of the CBD puzzle just fell into place, meaning you can now find CBD products just about anywhere you care to look.

While we all know that cannabis offers that classic psychoactive experience (“getting high,” in other words), CBD is a compound that comes with a ton of wellness benefits, without any of those psychoactive side-effects. It can be extracted from either cannabis or hemp, but federal regulations that previously existed concerning both products had been effectively keeping CBD from the national marketplace…until now.

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp on a federal level, making CBD products fair game. If you’ve noticed a marked uptick in CBD-related goodies in places like your local grocery store in the last couple of years, this is why. The Farm Bill of 2018 has opened up CBD to previously-uncharted territories, and one of the results is an absolutely dizzying number of options that are newly available to the consumer.

To help cut through the confusion, we’ve put together a rundown of our favorite CBD brands in the Southwestern United States. We’ll have more to come, and in the meantime you can be sure to check out our Favorite CBD brands in the West, as well!

5. Uplifted || Austin, TX

Uplifted, a women-owned CBD brand based in Austin, Texas, has a clear commitment to holistic wellness that makes itself apparent pretty much the moment you land on their especially attractive website. Each and every product in their inventory is fully organic, made with completely non-GMO hemp, produced by clean supercritical CO2 extraction, and is all backed by fully transparent lab testing (on a batch-specific basis, no less)! If there’s something you want to know about Uplifted, its products, and how they’re made, Uplifted is committed to making that information available to you.

A relatively limited inventory means they do what they do especially well, and they offer a ton of helpful information, to boot, meaning you can rely on their assistance to know that you’re making the most informed possible decision.

4. AZ Wholeistic || Phoenix, AZ

AZ Wholeistic is another one of those brands whose commitment to a highly-informed purchase process makes them a real asset to the conscious CBD consumer out there. Their website is positively packed to the gills with helpful information that can not only guide you towards a richer understanding of what CBD is and how it works, but that can also help you to zero in on exactly what type of product might be best for you, your preferences, and your specific needs.

This is also helped by their enormously diverse product selection. Whatever it is that floats your boat, you’re going to be able to find it here, and they have an impressive shipping and return policy, as well. The commitment to customer service is readily apparent with these folks.

3. Joy Organics || Fort Collins, CO

Given that it’s one of the epicenters of legal marijuana in the United States, it’s not a huge surprise that Colorado has some of the best CBD brands currently available on the market (to the point where we’re excited to feature more in our next rundown). We had our work cut out for us, but it was pretty easy to see that Joy Organics is truly one of the best in the biz when it comes to high quality CBD products.

Founded by Joy Smith in Fort Collins, CO, Joy Organics is fully family-owned and operated, meaning Joy Organics has the commitment to quality and customer care that you typically get from a mom-and-pop operation, with the trustworthiness that you’d typically get from a massive corporation.

Joy Organics offers a high level of step-by-step transparency, giving you insight into their extraction process, and offering up full lab testing on every product…which includes just about anything you might want, from salves and sprays, to capsules and tinctures and more.

2. Simply Pure || Denver, CO

For a good few years now, Simply Pure has been building up a super solid reputation as not only the first Black-owned dispensary in Colorado, but for being a shop committed to high-quality cannabis in a way that few are. Now, they’ve brought that same commitment to the CBD marketplace, offering up a tincture, salve, and drink version of their broad-spectrum CBD oil, with fully batch-specific lab testing available for all of it. Simply Pure is one of those “less is more” brands we love, focusing on a few specific products and knocking them all the way out of the proverbial park, as a result.

1. Koodegras || Midvale, UT

With locations throughout Utah, Koodegras is comprehensively serving the state not only with some of the most high-quality CBD products out there, but with one of the widest selections we’ve come across as a nice little cherry on top. They focus on what they describe as “artisanal,” small-batch CBD extracts, with a super cool “nanotech” formula, designed to make their CBD extra water-soluble and far more bioavailable, as a result.

They also go quite far with their lab testing results, letting you peek directly at a PDF printout of the results, directly from the lab itself!

Honorable Mention: Bryan’s Green Care || Roswell, NM

Based out of Roswell, New Mexico, Bryan’s Green Care is veteran, minoirty, and woman-owned, founded by Roberta Vigil-Bruce as part of her commitment to “create a company that stands for the Earth and provides medicine and teaching to the people in it.” Bryan’s Green offers up a ton of resources that can help you educate on how CBD can work for you, with a great selection of everything from smokeables to salves and pretty much anything in between.

Something important to keep in mind is the relative youth of the CBD industry, as a whole. As it’s just getting started, so to speak, things like regulatory guidelines and best practices have yet to fall into place. As such, it’s important that consumers make smart, well-informed buying choices, and take care to support brands that represent the values they believe in. It’s also helpful to look for things like lab testing and full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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