The Top 5 CBD Companies in the Southeast

February 24, 2020
CBD South East Guide by Fred & Jane

As promised, here’s our first Top 5 Guide. In this one, we’ll be taking a look at the very best CBD oil brands the Southern US has to offer. In order to make the cut, Southern-based brands will be ranked according to seven critical factors:

  1. Full spectrum CBD content
  2. Third-party lab verification
  3. Purity (three parts to this one) 
  4. Carrier oil quality
  5. Price 
  6. Uniqueness (a brand’s X-factor), and
  7. Taste.

Feel free to look back over our CBD Quality Profile for more info on how we’ll be ranking things… but for now, let’s get started!  

#5: Sympleaf

Location: Georgia

Though a much newer brand than some of the others on our list, Sympleaf gets high ratings because of its holistic, affordable CBD oils. Every CBD oil they make is full spectrum — with cannabinoids, terpenes, plant essences and all. 

Their products are third-party lab tested, too, but unfortunately this info hasn’t yet been made public on the website. And while not organic certified, Sympleaf does use organic coconut-derived MCT oil in their formulations. 

Sympleaf gets an A+ for novelty! They’re using hemp extract in everything from aromatherapy packets to pressed capsules — which distinguishes them from their competitors. We hope they’ll consider putting this type of creativity into their CBD oils in the near future! 

#4: Green Roads

Location: Florida

In 2011, a few pharmacists who wanted to make CBD products for their friends and family were inspired to make things official and start Green Roads. Fast forward eight years and things have really taken off: the brand has an enormous variety of CBD products, millions of customers, and has won many “Best CBD Product” awards. 

Green Roads does indeed have premium products. Their CBD oils are partial spectrum (essentially full spectrum, minus the THC), extensively lab tested, and highly purified. Though not organic, Green Roads’s CBD oil is kosher and therapeutic-grade. 

Fittingly enough, Green Roads’ CBD oils use hempseed oil as their carrier oil, ensuring that you benefit from hemp’s flowers and seeds. Their products are tasty, too, having been highly purified and refined by in-house pharmacists. 

The only real downside to Green Roads is their price. Most of their CBD oils are priced well above our 10 cents/mg standard, and while that may have been acceptable years ago, we think customers in today’s competitive CBD market are looking for more accessible price points. 

#3: Sana Botanicals

Location: Tennessee + North Carolina

Sana Botanicals is an up-and-coming brand that stands out thanks to their inspiring story and unique botanical-infused CBD oils. 

Their CBD oils are “Broad Spectrum,” a transparent acknowledgment of what the gentle CO2 extraction method can do. What these oils lack in trace cannabinoids, though, they more than make up for with creative essential oil infusions and premium carrier oils. 

Sana Botanicals leaves no question as to the purity of their products. Each and every batch of CBD oils is linked to its own Proverde-backed lab test. Sana even avoids having customer testimonials on their website in order to not give news customers an over-idealistic impression. 

Their pricing is good, too, especially on higher strength products like the $84.99, 1,200 mg Restore CBD oil. Unlike some other companies we’ve seen, Sana hasn’t capitalized on their oil’s novelty at the expense of their customers. 

One more thing: Sana’s tinctures taste good, if a little unusual. You can thank their calming botanical ingredients, which include lavender and bergamot, for that. Overall, Sana Botanicals is doing pretty much everything right. Expect more good things from them in the future. 

#2: Kingdom Harvest 

Location: North Carolina

Perhaps the most interesting CBD oil brand to make it into our Top 5 Guide, Kingdom Harvest produces some of the best CBD oils available. Their high ideals are backed up by a network of “farmers, botanical extractors, distributors, and retailers” who work together to “achieve a true seed-to-sale synergy unique to our industry.”

Kingdom Harvest’s CBD isn’t just full spectrum — it actually contains multiple full spectrum extracts. The company uses the latest in ethanol extraction technology to do this, and according to their website they go the extra mile and only use food-grade, non-GMO ethanol. 

Each batch of finished CBD oil is tested by industry-leading Proverde Laboratories.  These lab reports are available to consumers on request, giving even more peace of mind. Don’t be too concerned about Kingdom Harvest’s purity, though: their hemp is grown with organic practices, their extracts are solvent-free, and they use premium carrier oils. The end result of all this is a CBD oil that tastes and works well. 

We can only find one drawback to Kingdom Harvest’s products, but it can be a significant one: the price. Most of their CBD oils are very expensive, with prices exceeding 30 cents/mg! If you can afford it though, Kingdom Harvest might still be the very best choice. 

#1: Palmetto Harmony

Location: South Carolina

Founded in 2015 by one devoted Mom on a quest to find good CBD for her epileptic daughter Harmony, Palmetto Harmony has blossomed into a renowned Southern — and National — brand.  

Harmony herself required premium full spectrum CBD to get her health back, and we’re happy to see that the company provides the same amazing CBD oil today. Take a look at Palmetto Harmony’s batched lab reports and you’ll see that all the good stuff is accounted for: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more. 

All this thanks to a proprietary extraction method that’s gentler and more comprehensive than anything else in the mainstream CBD industry — if you can call it an extraction at all. The process is somewhat secretive, but involves slow, solvent-free diffusion of hemp within pressurized oil. 

Just as impressive, Palmetto Harmony held itself to stringent testing standards before any industry regulations were in place. Customers can be sure that Palmetto Harmony’s ISO-certified products are free of pesticides, solvents, and other impurities. 

All in all, the brand gets a top purity rating from us. Even their carrier oil is spot on; Palmetto Harmony uses organic MCT oil for superior absorption and taste. 

Speaking of which, one thing the brand’s customers love most is its clean, light, terpenated taste. There’s no unnatural flavor, nor any of the rancidity that’s sometimes present in other brands. 

You might think Palmetto Harmony would command premium prices for products this novel…but they don’t. Their CBD oils remain right around that golden, 10 cents/mg price point.  As their mission statement says, Palmetto Harmony “strives to produce cutting edge products that are meant to improve everyone’s daily quality of life.”  

This generous pricing is a testament to how much Palmetto Harmony truly cares about doing their part to provide CBD products to people everywhere. That strikes a chord with us — and earns the brand a special place as our highest-ranked CBD oil in the South. 

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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