The Top 5 CBD Brands of the Northeast

February 23, 2020
CBD North East Guide by Fred & Jane

The Northeast US: it’s a place known for winter sports, summer vacations, and eccentric accents. Oh, and top-shelf CBD products. A storied farming history and back-to-earth movement mean that the region’s land is rich enough to consistently produce premium hemp and CBD. 

To identify the best of the best, though, we ran top Northeast-based CBD companies through the metrics of our CBD Quality Profile.

What we found is interesting…and points to the promising future of the CBD industry as a whole. Without further ado, have a look! 

#5: Wild Folk Hemp

Location: Maine

While perhaps not as marketing-savvy as the typical CBD company, Wild Folk Farms makes up for it by being transparent, down-to-earth, and real. Their hemp brand emerged out of genuine love for the soil — a love that also expresses itself through things as diverse as growing rice and no-till farming. As their website says, the folks at Wild Folk “love to farm creatively and are always seeking new methods to cultivate in harmony with our living surroundings.”

As far as their CBD products go, Wilk Folk Hemp gets high ratings within pretty much every quality metric. Everything is full spectrum, courtesy of purified CO2 extractions. They have extensive third-party lab verification, too, for both basic cannabinoid content and for heavy metals. 

Even Wild Folk Hemp’s carrier oils are held to the highest of industry standards; they typically use MCT oil but also have a true alcohol-based tincture. Another product is unusually high in CBDa, but that’s by design. According to the product’s page, “[a] growing body of evidence suggests that CBD-A brings a number of similar but alternative benefits to CBD.” Another great thing about Wild Folk? They’re affordable, with a 1000mg CBD oil coming in at only $77. 

#4: Highline Wellness

Location: New York

This trendy NYC-based brand has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, and more. Their secret? A focus on customer support (including unbiased education) and a wide array of CBD products.

Just a quick glance at Highline’s website is enough to discern that shipping is free, third-party testing is done, and everything is 100% legal. In addition, their CBD oils are as close to full spectrum as the CO2 extraction method allows one to get. 

Highline Wellness also gets a passing grade for purity. Their hemp is organic, and the brand shows some appreciation for nature’s wisdom by utilizing hempseed oil as their CBD’s carrier. With a huge product selection that includes vegan-free and gluten-free options, the brand seems to have something for everybody. Their CBD oils, or ‘drops’, come in two flavors: either soft mint or natural. 

The only area where Highline could noticeably improve is their pricing. Their 250 milligram CBD oil costs $44.99, and though the price per unit drops off at higher volumes, we find this price strategy a bit much. Perhaps you get what you pay for, though? There’s no way to deny that Highline Wellness is a premium brand. 

#3: Standard Dose

Location: New York

Standard Dose stands out a little among the other brands on our list. This upscale CBD company just opened an enormous CBD-themed wellness center — right in the heart of New York City.  According to Anthony Saniger, Standard Dose’s founder, “The retail experience is a full, holistic approach to wellness […] It’s a sanctuary where you can reset.”

The wellness center features a private spa, all sorts of product offerings, and even yoga classes! In an era of intangible e-commerce companies, Standard Dose’s efforts are certainly refreshing. 

Transcending all this, though, is a focus on education. And that focus carries over to Standard Dose’s website, which features several educational areas and even a beginner-friendly product lineup. Though the brand only produces a single, CBD-isolate-based product of its own, its website is absolutely full of high end, carefully vetted CBD products. And — thankfully — many of them are full spectrum. 

#2: The Vermont Hemp Company

Location: Vermont

Since stepping onto the scene over four years ago, The Vermont Hemp Company has blossomed into one of the best CBD producers in the entire Northeast. What started with a handful of farmers and a hemp permit has now become a premier national brand. 

The Vermont Hemp Co. uses fractional distillation to create CBD oils that range from broad spectrum to full spectrum, features they back up with snapshots of lab tests. Full lab reports are available on request. In addition, their CBD oils are cheap — very cheap. Many oils come in right around 5 cents per milligram of CBD; that’s half of what we normally use as our pricing standard. 

But the most impressive thing about this hemp company is its product diversity. In addition to CBD oils, The Vermont Hemp Company features CBD-infused maple syrup, soap, and even CBD-rich, organic hemp crumble. Pretty amazing! 

#1: Sunsoil CBD

Location: Vermont

1,200 mg of CBD for $60. 600 mg CBD oil for only $30. In general, we’d shy away from CBD as cheap as what’s being offered by Sunsoil. 

But in this case, affordability doesn’t imply an inferior product. On the contrary, Sunsoil was founded in 2015 (pretty long ago in this industry!) by two long-time friends who wanted to see the CBD world overhauled. 

Fast forward to 2019, and that’s exactly what’s happened. The Sunsoil brand is certified organic and produce[s] more CBD per acre, more efficiently, than anyone else in the country.” As you might expect, their products are full spectrum and third-party lab tested…and only use the best carrier oils. 

In fact, their CBD is extracted in its carrier oil — no harsh solvents needed. This unique process retains every fat-soluble in hemp and gives Sunsoil’s CBD a light, clear, natural taste. As the company itself says, every measure is taken to give consumers the very best: We’re proud to say that our CBD represents the best of what is currently available on the market at a price that is both ethical and accessible for all CBD consumers.” 

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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