The Top 5 CBD Brands in the Midwest

February 23, 2020
CBD Midwest Guide by Fred & Jane

The Midwest is called our Nation’s heartland for a reason. It’s in this region that early industries flourished and farmers worked hard to enrich the land. From the Midwest, settlers and pioneers pushed onward and propelled all of us into the present moment.

So it’s only fitting that the future of CBD in the Midwest looks bright. And though the region has been a little slow to adopt an accurate viewpoint towards hemp, they’re now making up for it. In the past several years, a new generation of excellent CBD brands has risen up from America’s heartland.

Let’s take a look, running each of these upstart brands through the standards found in our CBD Quality Profile:

Full spectrum CBD content
Third-party lab verification
Purity (three parts to this one)
Carrier oil quality
Uniqueness (a brand’s X-factor), and

#5: Indy Hemp Co.

Location: Indiana

This upstart hemp company might just be the best choice for Indiana natives. In some ways, the brand’s smaller size means it’s able to give every customer the support they need. An About Us page puts it this way: “If you have any questions or concerns, we’re just a telephone call away and would be happy to speak with you.” For better or worse, you may not find this level of support from more established CBD companies.

While the Indy Hemp Co is just getting started, it’s growing fast! Product offerings include several broad-spectrum CBD oils, as well as CBD-isolate options. Everything is highly affordable, but the company’s available lab reports assure us that this doesn’t reflect any cost-cutting measures.

#4: CBD American Shaman

Location: Missouri

CBD American Shaman began with a family effort. The company’s founder, Vince Sanders, had an uncle with lung cancer and was driven by desperation to find him a natural option. Vince eventually found CBD oil, which after only three months accompanied the remission of his uncle’s cancer (Note: CBD is not proven to prevent, treat or cure any form of cancer).

CBD American Shaman gets top scores for its pure, highly potent CBD oil. Everything they make is full-spectrum, extensively lab tested, and completely free of residual solvents. Indeed, lab reports for each product offering are right there on the company’s website.

American Shaman products are unique, too. Proprietary nanotechnology is used to boost absorption rates and speed onset time. An already-wide selection of product choices is made even more diverse by a whopping 27 flavor options, mostly available in the form of water-soluble CBD oils and extracts.

Pricing really isn’t anything special, but American Shaman might still be worth it — one only needs to read the many 5-star reviews (hundreds of them) found on their product pages to understand why.

#3: Vision Aura Hemp Oil

Location: Michigan

Founded in 2017 as the result of one man’s impactful dream, this high-vibing company delivers premium full spectrum CBD oil to customers throughout the Midwest and beyond. Vision Aura takes extra care to ensure that each and every batch of its CBD is third-party lab tested, too, and makes every test easily accessible online.

Another plus: this brand is big on nano-tech. All of their products are liposomally encapsulated to boost absorption; in other words, every product’s CBD content is broken down into smaller components that easily permeate cells.

Absorption is further improved by the inclusion of MCT oil as the product’s carrier oil, and CO2-extraction methods ensure that things stay solvent free. Overall, Vision Aura gets top ratings for purity and quality. A quick glance at their website’s testimonial page reveals that customers agree.

You might expect these technological advancements to come at a high price — but that’s actually not the case. VAHO is surprisingly affordable, with their 1,500 mg CBD oil coming in at just under our 10 cents/mg standard. Couple the brand’s thoughtful flavor options with their nanotech, and it’s safe to say that Vision Aura is pretty unique, too!

#2: Chicago Cannabis Company

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Don’t let the name fool you — this company is all about CBD. They have an amazing variety of product offerings, including wholesale products and cool collabs. It appears that the people/persons responsible for product design are pretty knowledgable, too; the Chicago Cannabis Company is one of the only brands we know of offering raw hemp capsules for their CBDa.

The only reason the Chicago Cannabis Company isn’t even higher on our list is because of their newness. Online CBD oil sales are still in the early stages, so we don’t have much to base quality on. That said, the company gets their CBD from organically grown Colorado hemp, uses organic hempseed oil as their carrier oil of choice… and believes in sharing the wealth among their employees. Those are all things we can get behind.

#1: Midwest Best CBD

Location: Wisconsin

Midwest Best CBD is another brand new company that’s already given us something to get excited about. Founded in 2018, Midwest Best uses hemp grown within their home state to make premium-quality, full-spectrum CBD oils.

Midwest Best’s purity gets high marks, too: every product they offer is 3rd party lab-tested and Dr-formulated & approved. The taste of their CBD oils is also excellent courtesy of thoughtful essential oil infusions. A 1,000 mg product uses hints of lemon, orange, and frankincense to complement hemp’s natural flavor.

There may be one drawback to this premium brand, though it’s not a big one. Their pricing doesn’t quite meet our 10 cents/mg standard. But one gets what they pay for, right? After close inspection, we’re happy to say that this CBD company lives up to its bold (and catchy) name. And if you’re ever in Stoughton, Wisconsin, consider visiting Midwest Best CBD’s retail store!

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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