Five of Our Favorite CBD Brands in the West

February 23, 2020
CBD West Guide by Fred & Jane

Thanks to a nifty piece of legislation known as the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD is now fair game in the United States of America! While it might be a good, long while until marijuana is legalized on the federal level (it’s only currently legal on a state-to-state basis), hemp — its non-psychoactive cousin, which can also produce CBD oil — has been given the governmental green light. 

This means that CBD, a non-psychoactive compound that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis alike, is now legal to sell on a national level. As a result, the market has positively flooded with options, and you’d be forgiven for not even knowing where to start.

Not to worry! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite CBD brands, organized by region. We focused on things like ownership, responsible business practices, sustainability, transparency and so forth. 

Presented to you here, in no particular order, are five of our favorite CBD brands in the Western United States.

Lazarus Naturals || Seattle, WA

Perhaps the first thing that sticks out about Lazarus Naturals is its impressive selection. These cats are offering up everything from tinctures and edibles to topicals and pet-friendly products, making them something of a one-stop shop when it comes to CBD wellness. No matter what type of product you prefer, Lazarus has a product that meets your specific needs, in exactly the delivery system you prefer.

The second thing you’ll probably notice about Lazarus Naturals is their amazing assistance program, which provides financial aid to those who need a little help getting access to wellness. This kind of true commitment to making sure CBD products are available to just about anyone who needs them is something we really admire, and helps make the cannabis space a truly welcoming one.

Two Cranes || Seattle, WA 

Two Cranes was founded and is run by twin sisters Susan and Hanna Crane, who each boast 15-plus years’ worth of experience in the health and wellness space. By limiting their focus to a specific product set, they’re able to deliver full spectrum CBD oil of a fantastically high quality, with lab testing and all kinds of supplemental information available on their website.

You can easily order from their inventory directly, through their website, but they also offer a nifty rundown of brick-and-mortar locations that sell their products as well, for those who prefer that in-person experience.

Lumi Labs || Portland, OR

Veteran owned and operated, Lumi CBD is one of our favorites. The Seattle-based company are the purveyors of what they describe as the “one and only balanced-spectrum” CBD on the market: a “psychoactive microdose” that offers up a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

They describe this as a “limited release hemp oil” infused with a special, proprietary formula of cannabinoids and terpenes for a unique, slightly psychoactive experience…all without the inclusion of THC. According to their website, it must be tried to be truly understood, and we’d be lying if we said our interest wasn’t fully piqued.

Balance CBD || San Francisco, CA

One of the things that really sets Balance CBD apart is its wealth of super helpful and informative resources — you can even download an entire book about CBD and its benefits, if you want! This makes Balance a great place for anybody from seasoned CBD vets to relative newcomers, as they do a lot of work to take the mystery out of the whole process. 

Their selection is also wonderfully impressive, with everything from vapes and drinks to pet products and…suppositories? And of course, the inclusion of fully transprent lab testing information on each product makes Balance CBD an easy brand to trust.

Kurvana || Corona Del Mar, CA

When it comes to CBD brands, there are a few that make it clear they’re just a cut above the rest. The legal hemp market is still very new, which means it’s relatively easy to distinguish which brands have resources and which ones don’t. Sometimes that family-owned vibe is really where it’s at. Sometimes, the more “corporate” approach can wind up lending a valuable bit of trustworthiness to the whole affair, a little bit of which can go quite a long way in such a newly-developed market for products that we ultimately do wind up putting into our bodies.

That being said, Kurvana is sort of the Cadillac of CBD brands. Everything about their presentation is as polished as can be, and they’re as transparent as it gets, when it comes to their products, to boot. We’ve found everything they offer to be of exceptionally high quality, and they even go so far as to offer up a significant amount of information about everything from their lab testing results, to the process by which they actually extract the CBD oil itself.

In an era where the CBD market is more or less flooded with choices, shelling out that little bit of extra cash for a brand that you know you can trust makes a pretty decent different. And Kurvana is definitely one of the most trustworthy brands on the market right now.

And there you have it! In no particular order, of course, these are a few of our favorite CBD brands available specifically in the western United States. Worth noting is that this list is by no means final, or authoritative. You can absolutely expect us to hit you with another rundown of our favorite CBD brands the west has to offer…and keep your eyes peeled, in case you’re wondering when we’ll do a rundown of your specific region! The answer is probably soon; we’ll be touring the country, with our favorite CBD brands in the Southwest being our very next stop on our trip!

Disclaimer: Information found in this article or on shouldn’t be taken as any medical or scientific opinion, advice or recommendation. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before introducing cannabinoids to your body. 

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